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With all the information on the site, are you itching to play? Pick the machine of your choice, get the emulator, the disks, and off you go!
  • C64: disks - VICE emulator (perfect! should also work under CCS64).
  • C64: tape - in case your personal memory lane involves endless waits :-).
  • C64: disk - extra special extended cracked version by AOD, >click here< to check out the features.
  • C64: disks - second release, with version an extra, short mission. Needs special care to start: Use VICE 2.4. Enable Options/TrueDrive emulation. Set Settings/C64 model settings to C64 NTSC.
    An interesting feature is the demo mode: do nothing for a while in the mission selection screen, and the game starts playing all by itself. Run it several times, and you get different outcomes, there must be some kind of AI behind it, amazing!
  • C64: tape - Spanish tape version, which is a funny mix of localised Spanish and remaining English bits. Thanks to Bovirtual for that.
  • C64 Demo: disk - this strange piece of software gives you a nice insight into the game development. It was probably sent around to reviewers and shows the look and feel of the game without actually implementing any of it. It's fascinating to see how the details changed from this preview to the final version.
  • ZX: tape - Spectaculator emulator (runs, but somewhat strange: if you stay on course A, no enemy ships ever turn up. A bit like demo mode.)
  • CPC: disks - Caprice32 emulator (works fine, though keyboard response is sluggish at times)
  • PCW: disks - CP/M Box emulator (insert CPM plus disk, start, insert Psi5 disk, type: load)
  • PC: binaries - no emulator needed on Win 98, Win2K and WinXP; on Vista or Windows 7 you need an emulator like DOSBox. Run PsiBas.exe
Can't wait to play? Don't want to clutter your hard disk?

Play the PC version online. No crew selection and no sound, but running smoothly. An alternative online version is at myabandonware.com.

There used to be Spectrum online versions here and here, and the C64 demo version here, but all those link are dead.

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