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  • What's it all about?
    It's about an old computer game for the C64 (and a few other home computers). Pure nostalgia with no commercial background.
  • Navigation
    Click on any of the items in the list of keywords in the middle of the screen. If you have JavaScript activated, you can also use the cursor and return keys, or use hotkeys: that is, press the key for the first letter of a word. Backspace brings you up one level (some older browsers, you get the default function of moving back in the page history, intercepting Backspace doesn't work there). On the bottom of each page, you find links to the sitemap, that gives a quick overview, and the news page that tells you what has changed.
  • Site Design
    I'm aware that this is not the way other web sites work, and I know that the design is less readable than it could be, but the whole point is to recreate the game experience, not to create a slick web page that looks like every other slick web page.
  • Contact
    If you have additional information, or just want to say hello, you can send mail to Psi5@cerebus.de. You can't click on this address, you need to type it in your mail client; I didn't want to make it too easy for spam bots.
  • More Help
    There is a small FAQ for questions on emulators.

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